Pricing for Limo Bus Atlanta Trips

As the #1 party bus company in Atlanta, Limo Bus Atlanta puts in even more effort than the other local party bus companies to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime party experience to you at an equally rare price! We absolutely do not cut corners to arrive at that low price! Some other local companies may do so, but not us. Instead, we invest in better vehicles from the start, and we plunge our financial resources into the maintenance of our Atlanta limo bus fleet, so that we at we are able to provide those trips to you at a much lower price. A better maintained vehicle dramatically lowers the cost of operation, and of course it also dramatically increases your satisfaction!

We Help You Party Large While Spending Small

Many of our customers come to us with a specific budget in mind, and we are always pleased to work with them to deliver a party bus transportation package that both lives up to their expectations and meets their budgetary needs. For our customers for whom money is not an issue, we'll be happy to go all out for you! But if you, like most people today, are hit hard by the economy and need to save a few bucks even during the bigger celebrations of your life, you can rest assured knowing that Limo Bus Atlanta understands that and works hard to help you party large while spending small.

Get Tips on Saving Money During Party Bus Trips

As you'll see below, we can provide you with an instant price quote over the phone or via email, but we can also provide you with some insider tips on saving money when booking a trip with us. These tips range from ways to save money on dining and entertainment to when to book that trip with us to save the most dough. Where other companies will try to "up sell" their more expensive features to you, we will suggest ways to maximize your fun while paring down the price.

Get Your Quick Price Quote Instantly

We don't beat around the bush when it comes to offering you the lowest price in town. You can pick up the phone or fire off a quick email to us and we will get right back to you with a locked-down price for your big celebration. We recommend calling when possible because we can get more information from you immediately to customize your trip. If you prefer to email us, be sure to let us know how many guests you expect to have, what kind of event you're attending or celebrating, and any requirements that you have as far as entertainment and bus features go! Call or email as early in advance as possible to lock down the lowest rate and to guarantee that the Atlanta party bus you want will be available! You can find our contact information at the top of the site.